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Beginner SEO

Are you new to search engine optimization? This 'Beginner SEO' category has all the information and blog posts that a beginner would need to get started with SEO.

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How to hook your readers and grab their attention

In today's digital age of ever-shrinking attention span, grabbing your reader's attention is of utmost importance. Here are 6 ways of doing that effectively.

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6 Simple SEO Tips for Online Retailers

More and more, brick and mortar businesses are closing their doors and setting up shop online. Now more than ever, it is important for retail business owners to establish an online presence and to take advantage of search engine results to drive traffic to their site.

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How to set up Google My Business for local SEO?

Local SEO usually starts with Google My Business. This article shows you how to set up your Google My Business account 

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6 important points to remember when starting with local SEO

Are you just starting with local SEO? Does it seem too confusing? Here are 6 important points that you need to remember when you're starting with local SEO.

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Getting started with website security and SSL: 6 things to know

Terms like 'SSL certificates', 'HTTPS', and 'website security' have garnered a lot of attention over the last year or so. Website security is playing a key part in SEO now. Here are 6 things you need to know about it.

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A beginner’s guide to SSL and website security

You must have heard about SSL, HTTPS, and website security, but do you know what it means? Here is a beginner's guide to understanding SSL, website security, and how it all connects with SEO.

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An introduction to Google Analytics

Are you interested in learning Google Analytics but don't know what it is? Read this article for a brief introduction to Google Analytics, how to set it up, and how to use it to track different SEO metrics.

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Which Google Analytics metrics should beginners watch?

Google Analytics allows you to track dozens of different metrics, but which ones really matter the most? This article lists the top Google Analytics metrics that beginners should monitor.

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The beginner’s guide to understanding competitor analysis

What is competitor analysis? How to start with competitor analysis? Here is a beginner's guide to get started with competitor analysis.

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Understanding Backlinks — The Basics of Off-Page SEO

What is off-page SEO? What are backlinks? This article explains the basics of backlinks and link-building, including possible search engine penalties, and simpler tactics that beginners can use to improve off-page SEO.

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