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Advanced SEO Strategies

Building a solid SEO foundation is crucial to any Internet business, but advanced strategies are the key to success. Learn about PPC marketing, the good and the bad about links, how to avoid mistakes, prevent negative SEO and decrease bounce rates. Perfect your SEO strategy here!

Everything You Need To Know About Search Engines

Search engines have been around for quite some time, but do you really understand them? You know how important the search engine giants are to your success, but do you truly know why? Take the time to learn everything you need to know about search engines here, what they are, how they work, and what they mean to your success.

Creating a Website with Good SEO

A website is more than just a way to interact with customers online, it is your first impression, your company's reputation, and the portal to outstanding SEO strategies to push your competition into your dust. Learn how to not only create your website, but how to do it perfectly. Structure, content, speed, they are all important to a website's success. Learn how to create and maintain a website with good SEO strategies.

Google Penalties

Google penalties have become more and more frequent for some webmasters. How do some seem to survive all the hits from the search engine giant? If you want to understand what a Google penalty is, what caused it, how to fix it, and more importantly, how to avoid it...then you are in the right place. 

Essential Website Structure

A website is most times a consumer's first impression of your business or your brand, but it is ALWAYS Google's first impression, so what are you going to do to make it count? Essential website structure requires more than just a pretty template and good content, it requires user-friendly navigation, effective meta tags, optimized anchor text and much more. You want to learn more? Read on. 

Web Design for SEO

Congratulations!You’re website is built; now you are ready to start optimizing it and tweaking it for success, and you’ve come to the right place!

Writing 101

When it comes to content, yes, it is king! There is so much to learn, not just about quality, but also marketing, preventing duplicate content on your site and how to ensure that your words not only reach the right people, get their attention, but that they represent your business brand for the best online reputation possible.

Become an SEO Expert

SEO is nothing new, even beginner Internet business owners understand the basics, but what about everything else? If you want to get ahead, you have to take a value first approach to SEO, get into the minds of the quality checkers and learn how to maximize your click-thru rate. Everything you need to know to start making SEO work for you and stop working for it is right here at your fingertips...click on! 

Everything You Should Know About Links

Google has made it clear that linking must be made with caution. Learn what Google is really saying about SEO, your business and links. Deep linking, back links, tiered linking, it's all covered. The importance of a link hasn't changed, but it's method for effectiveness certainly has. 

PPC Marketing

What do you really know about PPC marketing? Even the experts could say...not enough! Learn what it can do to help, or hurt your business!

Why Marketing Is So Important

Marketing, marketing, marketing! So you have the website built, your social media pages in place and a business brand that you feel passionately about, so where are all the customers? The rules of marketing change often and sometimes dramatically, keep up with the latest trends on how to get your business noticed.

Content Marketing

Quality, quality quality, you've heard it all before right? Well, just because you figured out how to write amazing content, it doesn't mean you know how to market it...or do you? If you want to learn how to hustle your content, increase your SEO rankings and bring in more revenue for your business, read on! 

Online Marketing

The Internet doesn't have to be a scary place, with the right information, the right tools, and the right strategies it can be an amazing place where your business can reach millions of people, learn how here!

Social Media Marketing for Success

Social media platforms are not just for kids anymore. Now that adults have joined the trend and use the platforms to share their experiences, their likes and dislikes, businesses have learned these social networks are a priceless way to not only connect with consumers, but sell to them!

All About Blogging

Blogging can be an effective way to promote your online reputation, your business, and your brand, but only if you do it right. The controversy surrounding blogs, comments and guest posting after so many Google updates has many web master's heads spinning, but if you follow a few important rules, you can navigate your way through all the hype and dominate your niche. 

Security and Protection for Your Website

Website security is not only for your own protection, but for your consumers. Make sure they feel safe when they visit your website and avoid any negativity that the search engines view as vulnerabilities and risks.

Outsourcing for Success

Hey, you can't do it all, and why should you? There are professionals available at your fingertips and they can create content, build your website, market your business and build your brand. Learn how to select the right freelancer or company for the jobs you need completed and most importantly, learn how to avoid making mistakes that can end up not only costing you money, but also customers!

Keep Up With the Changes

When it comes to running an online business, one of the biggest hurdles is keeping up with all the changes. It's not just Google's algorithms that change without much warning, it's everything to do with marketing that can change at the drop of a hat, make sure you are a step ahead of the latest trends.

Google Updates

A complete list of all the major Google updates. 

Products and Tools Under Review

Have you wondered what people are really saying about that latest product or SEO tool?

Helpful Tools and Tips

SEO can be a minefield if not navigated properly, boom, there goes your ratings, your reputation, your business. Even the experts need assistance with their SEO efforts in order for them to be effective. Learn how to use SEO tools, gain some valuable tips and get on top of your SEO game. 

A Look Back

Want to see what we've been up to? Check out this section to find articles that have been archived to make room for the new ones.

SEO Tools

SEO tools can save you time, money and costly mistakes. Learn how to use some of the most effective SEO tools available to you, including ours at SEOSiteCheckUp.

Preventing Negative SEO

Negative SEO can be death to your online reputation as well as your profits. If you want to keep your business striving, the best way to do that is to keep it in good graces with the Internet Gods, you know, like Google.


So many SEO tools can help you find the problems with your website, but what happens if you don't know how to fix them? Check out the helpful articles in this section to get basic to advanced help on fixing common, and some not-so-common issues that could be hurting your online business.

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