The Idea of Free SEO Services might not make sense to the regular SEO Services Company, but (as you’ll find out in this review) is no regular SEO Services Company. When you land on the Rankpay website, you’ll find an offer that says: “If you don’t rank, you don’t pay.” Is this a claim you can trust in when it comes to how to spend your hard-earned money to get your website ranking for your primary keywords? In this Rankpay Review, you’ll find out exactly how Rankpay stands by this bold offer.

Rankpay Review Point #1: the Problem Rankpay is Out to Solve

In the year 2008, an article appeared in Entrepreneur magazine which stated that “Over 80% of all SEO companies were scams.” When you consider how difficult it is for organizations like the FTC to maintain control over the quality of transactions on the internet AND the fact that SEO is still a new industry and one which is not regulated, it’s easy to see why there would be a lot of unqualified “experts” that you have to watch out for when looking for SEO Services.

To add to this problem, there are loads of websites, blogs, forums, newsletters, and even eBooks and paid courses being written on the subject of SEO. How much of that information being circulated is coming directly from a qualified expert source? Considering that an SEO Services Company might charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month for their services, it’s no wonder that people are skeptical of SEO Services Company offers and hesitant to pay their money.

 On top of this, the lack of qualified educational information and the abundance of information being written by self-proclaimed experts makes it VERY hard to know where to put your resources when it comes to SEO. Thankfully, Rankpay answers many of these problems by appearing as the Top SEO Services Company in the Google search results when you type in “SEO Services Company.” Obviously, they are there for a reason, and that puts them light years ahead of the hundreds of thousands of other SEO Services Companies on the internet.

However, Rankpay that’s not the only way that Rankpay is ready to prove itself as experts in the SEO industry…

Rankpay Review Point #2: How Their Free SEO Services Offer Works

Before you read the rest of this article, go to the Rankpay home page and type in the URL of your website, after which you’ll be asked to type in the keyword you’ll want to optimize for. Once you do this, look for the “Monthly Cost Per Ranking” option and see what you’ll pay for a site that is in position #30 or higher in the search results. Go ahead and do this right now and click back to this article when you’re

As you can see, the “Monthly Cost Per Ranking” says “free.” This means that you pay nothing when you start out as a Rankpay customer with a site ranking that is not in the top 30. This means that by the time you start paying, you’ll already have seen proof that Rankpay knows how to increase your rankings. The best part is that your rates don’t increase until your rank increases. What other SEO Services Company is willing to make that offer AND is ranking for a highly competitive keyword like “SEO Services Company?”

Rankpay Review Point #3: Live Customer Support, Rare Indeed

Another thing that likes about Rankpay is that they have a direct customer service phone number located in plain view right on their home page. Many internet companies are available for contact and customer support only via email, or worse, submission to a ticketing system which sometimes requires you to wait for days to get a response to your question. On top of this, their contact information is deliberately made difficult to find, perhaps in hopes of getting fewer contacts from customers.

Rankpay also offers an exclusive members area where you and monitor the progress of your account and see the results that you’re getting in exchange for your money. Rankpay customers also claim that this SEO Services Company also does a great job at recommending ways for you to optimize your site for increased conversions and positive customer behaviors, something which is becoming more and more important to the search engines these days.

Rankpay Review Point #4: Easy to Set Up, and No Costs

Many SEO Services Companies require you to pay an upfront fee to get your account set up and get them working for you. This can be frustrating, especially if you’re working with a small budget to start out with. This is yet another reason why is a no brainer for anyone who wants to outsource their SEO to a company that knows how to get results, and that only charges based on results. They charge no start-up fees and require that you only pay for the results which they help you get.  

To check out Rankpay for yourself, visit the Rankpay home site and see how easy it is for you to set up a free account and get some of the top SEO experts in the industry working for you.

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