This article is a review of the keyword research tool Traffic Travis. Traffic Travis is a software application for PCs that operates right from your desktop and helps you to analyze keywords for building PPC campaigns and for determining which keywords to optimize your site for. With this program, you can generate keyword ideas, find out the number of daily searches for that keyword on Google, Yahoo!, and MSN, and research how your competitors are advertising for that keyword.

The following is a breakdown of the features which Traffic Travis offers for keyword research:

Keyword Generation

In the following example, you’ll see how by typing in one keyword “healthy weight loss,” you can generate 200 keyword ideas and view the number of daily searches for the three major search engines:

These keywords can then be saved into a project and analysis can be done to find out how those keywords are being used by your competitors:

Analyzing Your Competition

There are four types of analysis that you can fun for your selected keywords on your competitors. These can be run periodically over a period of time so that you can see the long-term advertising habits of your competitors for those keywords.

For example, below is an example of Traffic Travis showing how many ads are currently running for your keywords and how many of those ads are new since your last check:

This analysis gives you an idea of how many people are running ads for your keywords. As you perform checks over time, you can view how many new advertisers are running ads for that keyword. The next analysis which you can run tells you which site has the most advertisements up for your selecting keywords.

Selecting a site will tell you exactly which of your keywords they are advertising for. If you see that one site is consistently advertising for a set of keywords, that’s a pretty good indication that they’re having success with that keyword. By analyzing these competitor’s PPC ads and their landing page, you can get an idea of how you might be able to duplicate their success.

The next analysis shows how many ads are running for each of the keywords and by selecting a specific keyword, you can see which sites are advertising for that keyword. Seeing which keywords have the most sites advertising might give you an idea of which keywords are producing the best results for your competitors:

In the final PPC analysis, you can once again show the top site’s advertising for your keywords and by selecting the site you can see view how much advertising each site is doing for each one of your keywords:

Using The Keyword Analysis Results

Having access to this kind of information gives you a “backstage pass” which gives you a good idea of who is having success advertising in your niche. You also get an idea of which keywords are most profitable for your competition and make your decisions on which to bid on using that information. For example, you could take the top keywords according to the amount of competition on them over time and create your first ad group.

Also, by typing these keywords in the search engine bar, you can see the ads of each site and get an idea of what ads are producing results long term. This can save you a lot of time in creating your PPC ad campaigns and also provide you with an idea of which keywords your site can be optimized around.

Things to keep in Mind When Using Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis is a free tool but is also available in a professional version. The difference between the two is how many analysis projects you can run and how many keywords you can generate when creating a new project. The other thing to keep in mind about his PPC analysis tool is that there is no substitution for PPC marketing experience, split testing, and consistent conversion tracking. After a good week of analyzing keywords, it’s best to just get started and find out for sure what’s going to work for your campaigns.

Additional Tools for SEO and Site Analysis

While you’re on this site, be sure to run an SEO check on your website using our SEO check-up tool. This will give you a clear picture of what you need to do to optimize your site to its full potential.

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While you’re on this site, be sure to run an SEO check on your website using our SEO check up tool. This will give you a clear picture of what you need to do to optimize your site to its full potential.