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Web Design for SEO - Advanced Level

Today, web design doesn't only affect search engines but it also affects the user experience. Learn about advanced tips and techniques to improve both these important aspects of your website.

Three Web Design Trends That Could Be Hurting Your Business

Design is incredibly important to your business. When a customer lands on your website, the design is what lets them know if they should make a purchase or not.

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How Your Landing Page Can Land the Best Conversion Rates

Landing pages have a purpose and many more of one than you realize. Learn why a landing page is so much more important than a homepage when it comes to conversion rates. Deciding on long or short copy is just one of the important decisions you will make, learn more. 

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How to Boost SEO By Making Your Site More Engaging

When the internet was first created, most websites were static pages with written content and a few graphics. However, this quickly changes as interactive features become more available, and now these features are all over the internet. Instead of having to be spectators, web users can now enjoy an interactive online experience, and that?s exactly what users are looking for.

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