PPC marketing is the most direct method for promoting your company website and one which can help you to set up a solid stream of residual income. Even if your SEO is great and you have done a good job promoting your website through social media sites, article marketing, and forum posting, PPC can be a powerful tool for attracting highly targeted traffic. However, PPC marketing can also be very costly if you do not know what you are doing. The following article will provide you with a solid plan for building PPC Marketing campaigns that will bring the most lucrative results for your company.

Building a Strong Campaign

The best way to start out building a strong PPC marketing campaign is to optimize your ad groups, your keyword groups, and your landing page in order to achieve the best quality score. Having a good quality score for your PPC marketing campaign will help you to get the best ad positioning without having to pay the highest cost per click. Google and other search engines measure your quality score according to three things:

  • The specificity of your ad group in relation to your landing page
  • The relevance of the keywords in your keyword group
  • The quality and relevance of your landing page

In short, having a strong ad group, keyword group and landing page require you to be very targeted and specific with your keyword selection. You should also make sure that your primary keywords are used in your PPC ad headline, your keyword groups, and on your landing page. For example, if your offer is for herbal weight loss products your primary keyword would be “herbal weight-loss.”

In order to achieve the best quality score, you might have a PPC ad headline that read “Free herbal weight-loss samples,” as well as keywords like herbal weight loss pills, herbal weight-loss products, free herbal weight-loss, herbal weight-loss supplements. Then you'll need to make sure that your landing page is optimized for the primary long-tail keyword “herbal weight-loss” as well as the secondary keywords in your PPC keyword group.

Three Steps to Optimizing Your Profits with PPC

Once you have set up your first PPC marketing campaign, it is important to begin optimizing your conversion rates and profit per sale before you start increasing your daily budget. This will be accomplished following these three simple steps:

1. Optimize Your Conversion Rate

It might be tempting to increase your daily budget as soon as you see that you are making profits. For example, if you are selling a $97 product with a cost per click of .45 and you have a 1% conversion rate and if your daily budget is $90, then you might be tempted to double your daily budget and raise your daily profits from $104 to $208.

However, it would make a lot more sense to work on increasing your conversion rate to 1.5% or even 2% before increasing your daily budget. You can accomplish this using split testing techniques on your landing page and by using ad rotations. If you can accomplish a conversion rate of 2%, with the same daily budget of $90 you could have a daily profit of $208. Then you move on to step two of optimizing your marketing campaign…

2. Optimize Your Offer with an Upsell

By adding an upsell to your offer which is about 25% of the price of your original offer, you can usually get one out of three of your customers to say yes and therefore you can increase the profits of every third sale by 25%. So if your original offer is $97 and you are paying .45 per click at a conversion rate of 2% and if you add a $24 upsell offer, you’ve just increased your profit per sale from $52 to an average of $60. Now a daily budget of $90 could bring you as much as $240 in daily profits. Then you are ready for the final step in optimizing your PPC marketing campaign…

3. Optimize your Offer With a Counter Offer

A counteroffer is a last-ditch effort to sell your customer before they leave your landing page, usually presented in the form of a pop-up window. Your counteroffer could be an abridged version of your $97 product sold for only $47. If your average conversion rate is 2%, it’s likely that your counteroffer could convert at about half that. With an upsell offer of $24 and a cost per click of .45, your profit per sale could now be as high as $108.50. Now your daily budget of $90 could be building new daily profits as high as $434.

Additional Optimization Strategies

Once you have optimized your offer using these three strategies you can increase your daily budget until you are receiving as much traffic as possible to your landing page. In addition to the strategies, you can also add viral tell a friend scripts so that your visitors can invite their friends to your site. You can also ad abandoned cart features that send follow-up e-mails to customers who start to order your product but who abandon the shopping cart before purchasing.


It’s important to note that the numbers provided in this article are strictly for the sake of demonstrating how optimizing your conversion rate and adding up sales encounter offers can increase the effectiveness of your PPC marketing campaigns. These numbers hold no promise of specific results that you will get from following this advice.