Dynamic keyword insertion is an advanced technique that can add a tremendous amount of value and effectiveness to your PPC campaigns. Not only can dynamic keyword insertion make your ads more targeted and increase your click-through rate, but it can also help you to increase your quality score as a result of having that better click-through rate. However, improper use of dynamic keyword insertion can attract unqualified traffic to your site and cause your ads to appear awkward and unprofessional. This article will explain how to use a dynamic keyword to increase the amount of qualified traffic to your site and improve your quality score.

How Dynamic Keyword Insertion Works

Dynamic keyword insertion allows you to replace certain words or phrases in your PPC ad with the keywords which were used in order to trigger that ad. For instance, if your ad headline for your company "Acme SEO Services" reads:

“Acme SEO Services: Get Your Site Visible!”

…and someone types in the keyword: “SEO company,” you can use dynamic keyword insertion to program the ad to read:

“Acme SEO Company: Get Your Site Visible!”

You do this by inserting the code: {keyword: SEO Services} into your PPC ad when you create it.

This code programs your PPC campaign to substitute the term: “SEO Services” for the term “SEO Company,” so that your ad years to be more relevant to the specific keyword which your prospective customer typed into their browser.

When the customer sees that your ad includes the specific search term which they used, they are more likely to click on your ad. More clicks mean more people seeing your ad. It also means a higher quality score and a higher quality score means more traffic for a lower cost per click. However, it’s important to use dynamic keyword insertion properly in order to get these results.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion Errors to Avoid

There are three common errors that can cause dynamic keyword insertion to become more of a hindrance to your ad words campaign than an advantage.

1. Irrelevant keyword use

If your ad words group is targeted to promote SEO Services, then you need to make sure that you use dynamic keyword insertion only for keywords that are relevant to your offer: Seo company, SEO services, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, SEM company, SEO firm, etc. If you use dynamic keyword insertion for keywords such as Internet marketing, marketing firm, graphic design, web design, email marketing, content marketing,

Software application services, in order to generate more clicks you’ll end up paying a lot of additional money for visitors who will probably exit your page the moment that they realized that your offer is not exactly what they are looking for.

2. Awkward placement of keywords

Even if your dynamically inserted keywords are relevant, it is also important that they flow well in your ad. For example, if you use dynamic insertion to optimize your ad

“Acme SEO Services: Get Your Site Visible!”

….for the term: “improve site SEO,” and cause it to read:

“Acme Improve Site SEO: Get Your Site Visible!”

…you might have used a relevant keyword. However, as you can see the ad now appears awkward, and difficult to understand which can cause people to think that you are unprofessional and keep them from clicking on your ad. In this case, it’s better to exclude this specific keyword or create a new ad group or campaign for it.

3. Not adhering to search engine guidelines

The following is a list of guidelines that your keyword insertion must adhere to in order to be approved by the search engine's

  • Most not promote adult content
  • Must reflect correct grammar and punctuation
  • Must be relevant to your site or your offer

Three Ways to Make Your Insertions More Effective

The following are three things that you can do to make your dynamic keyword insertion more effective in your PPC campaigns:

1. Using Dynamic Capitalization Codes:

In order to create a professional-looking ad, it’s important to use the following capitalization codes. These code examples use the  keyword “SEO services:”

  • keyword - no capitalization: SEO services
  • Keyword - first word only capitalized: Seo services
  • KeyWord - every word capitalized: Seo Services (this is especially effective when used in ad headlines)
  • KEYword - every letter in the first word capitalized: SEO services
  • KEYWord - every letter in the first word capitalized plus the second word capitalized: SEO Services
  • KEYWORD -every letter of the keyword is capitalized: SEO SERVICES

2. Phrase or Broad Matching

Adwords include an option where you can phrase or broad match your keywords instead of using the full search term. For example, by using the phrase match, you can have the term “best SEO services company” appear only as of the keyword which you bid for: “SEO Services.” This gives you the benefit of optimizing for “best SEO services company,” without having to dramatically alter your ad.

3. Value Quality Over Quantity

Most mistakes made using dynamic keyword insertion or any kind of PPC advertising campaign are made as a result of focusing on the quantity of traffic instead of quality. Whenever you are creating any PPC campaign, make sure that you are doing good keyword research and making sure that your ad groups, your landing page and your keywords are as well harmonized and as relevant as possible.


Follow these basic principles and avoid common mistakes and dynamic keyword insertion can have a powerful new dimension to your PPC marketing strategies.