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Since we’re in the process of rolling out our Facebook page, what’s more fitting than an article on Facebook fan pages?

Facebook is still a new frontier. Unlike a few years ago, we now know a thing or two about it. We understand why people use Facebook and we understand how people use Facebook. With this information, we can determine how to best use Facebook to grow our businesses.

In today’s article, we’re going to talk about converting page visitors into “likes.” What newsletters and subscriber lists were for the past decade, social media “likes,” “tweets,” and “follows” are for the future. 

And social media lists are much better than subscriber lists. Instead of constantly reaching out to your audience through e-mails, you can now interact with your audience. You can now create central social hubs for everything your business does. Talk about tribe building!

But, as most aspiring social media marketers know, getting thousands of likes on a Facebook page is anything but easy. In fact, most people struggle to even get a small handful of likes. They might invite all their friends and family to inflate their numbers, but does this help their business? Absolutely not.

So how do you get more targeted likes?

Well, think of it this way. If you were selling a product on a website, where would you want your search traffic to land? Probably on a landing page! This is because if you just had a product screen with a brief description, people probably aren’t going to buy.

But if you have a highly specific and informative landing page, the chances that your readers will buy skyrocket.

Yet for some reason, people don’t view Facebook fan pages with this same concept in mind. If someone lands on an empty Facebook fan page window, what are they going to do? Unless they have some sort of emotional attachment to your page, they’re probably going to exit immediately.

This is why a lot of people say Facebook ads don’t work. It’s because they get thousands of clicks with their ads, but none of these clicks convert into “likes.” And with Facebook, it’s all about the likes!

With classic internet marketing, if we want our visitors to convert, we make landing pages. With Facebook, the same rule applies, with just one change: unlike search traffic, Facebook page visitors are very unlikely to be in the mood to buy.

They’re not looking to shop on Facebook. No, they’re looking to talk to their friends, co-workers, and families. They’re on Facebook to find out what’s going on with their network of friends. So if you design your Facebook page to sell, sell, sell, it’s just not going to work.

When you design your landing page, don’t focus on selling, pitching, or promoting your products/services. Instead, focus solely on giving value.

Yes, you can mention your products or services. But don’t mention them in a light that makes the customer think you want them to buy something. Instead, give them direct value first, get the “like,” build relationships and then worry about selling!

It’s a long process, no doubts about it. But remember, you’re not just selling products here – you’re building a community attached to your business. It’s more work up front, but will certainly pay off in the future.

Just finished writing a book? Why not give away the first two chapters to anyone who “likes” your page? Just released a new internet marketing tool? Let your Facebook fans try it out for free – without asking for anything in return!

People are on Facebook to be entertained. Entertain them and give them value. In return, they’ll give you a “like” – a personal invitation directly into their lives. Not bad!

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