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Online Marketing - Intermediate Level

Learn more about online marketing concepts and explore how to use online marketing techniques in conjunction with SEO to get the best results for your business.

Simple Tips for Writing Landing Page Copy that Converts

Effective landing page copy inspires visitors to your site to respond to the call to action with the end goal of converting them into paying customers. Keep reading to learn the secret to writing landing page copy that converts.

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The Best Social Media Marketing Tips to Improve SEO

In our modern world of technology, a business' online marketing strategy can make or break it. Keep reading to learn more about incorporating social media into your marketing strategy and how to do it effectively.

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Why SEO Should Only Be Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Technology is the way of the future and modern businesses simply can't survive without an online presence. In this article you will learn the importance of SEO and how it fits into a strong digital marketing strategy.

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How to Convert Search Engine Traffic for Better ROI?

Search engine traffic is usually very random. It can be hard to convert into paying customers. This article has some excellent tips to help you convert search engine traffic.

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How to Offer Marketing or SEO Without Ruining Your Life

Marketing a business is tough, and when it is marketing incorrectly, it is even tougher to turn things around. You have to have a plan, a strong foundation and proven marketing techniques. 

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How to Harvest Visitor Feedback for Optimizing Your Website

Updates in the Google algorithm continue to confirm the importance of user behaviors in determining the value of websites. Google has reported on several occasions that they'll be using human review processes to determine the value of websites and they've already been doing so for determining quality scores in PPC marketing.

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Why Your Business Needs to Be Value Focused

Starting a business shouldn't just be done on a whim, it should be well thought out and provide something people actually need or want. Learn some of the most important techniques to provide value that will provide you customer and profit. 

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Five Simple Things You Can Do to Increase Conversions On Your Website

The ultimate goal of having a website is to generate more business for your organization. This is true whether your objective is to generate more leads for off-line services, sell shippable products, sell memberships or sell downloadable products. Of course, one way to do this is to achieve a higher ranking with the search engines and to thus attract more traffic to your site.

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Social Proof: Why you Need it and How to Get it

Not all areas of business and internet marketing are created equally. The vast majority of internet entrepreneurs spend all their time focused on aspects of business that have a low chance of making them successful.

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How to Kick Your Facebook Page Into High Gear

Facebook has been the topic of discussion amongst online businesses for about a decade now, but many businesses still have no idea how to run their site. Learn how to use your social page to kick your business into high gear. 

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