If you’ve had an idea, I’d like to congratulate you. There’s this funny thing we’ve done as a species, where we make whatever we get for free worthless and meaningless.

Where I’m going with this is that all human beings are idea-generating MACHINES. We’ve just tricked ourselves into thinking “good ideas” are scarce. In fact, this is the main reason why people don’t even think about getting into online business (or any type of business at all!).

Because they don’t have that GREAT IDEA.

But there’s an even worse scenario. When someone who NEVER has a GREAT IDEA finally hits a GREAT IDEA, all hell breaks loose!

When we get great ideas, we’re all pumped up about them. The first thing we want to do is shout it from the rooftops. Hey! Look at me! I HAD AN IDEA!

But if you believe you only have one great idea your entire life, and everyone also shares the mindset that they’ll only have one great idea in their entire lives, isn’t it a bit dangerous to be shouting your idea from the rooftop?!

Well it would certainly seem so!

And now we’re in a big mess. We’ve got this great idea, but we can’t tell anybody. But we can’t make it on our own. At some point, you’re going to HAVE to tell someone your idea before it launches.

Unless you want to build it all yourself. And if that’s you, then go right ahead and do that! But I think you’ll find out within a few weeks that you’re not going to make it on your own – not for the first idea, at least.

Thankfully, there’s a fantastic legal invention that allows us to work with people AND forces them to keep it a secret – the NDA!

So now you can work with whoever you want… as long as they sign an NDA.

Which they won’t.

And answer this for me – if your idea’s so great that you can’t tell anyone about it, and you only get one great idea in your entire life, what happens when the competition copies your idea exactly?

Well, you’ll have to do it better! But how do you do that if you only get one idea?

The answer is mind blowingly obvious… YOU HAVE UNLIMITED GREAT IDEAS. Yes, this is what all entrepreneurs know. It’s because being an entrepreneur means you generate ideas all day long.

Take away a successful entrepreneur’s business and they’ll have another one the next day. Why? Because ideas are a dime a dozen! 

Here’s the harsh truth: if you’re so concerned about your idea that you need someone to sign a damn form before even telling it, you’re screwed!

It’s because you’re going to need a whole lot more than just that one idea, and it’s going to come from the same place that you got that idea in the first place! So if you’re only going to have one idea in your entire life, you’re in big trouble.

But wait. If generating ideas is so easy, why would people think there’s a scarcity in idea generating abilities? 

Simple! They don’t practice!

Yes, you have to practice coming up with ideas. If you want to get good at something, what do you do? You practice! There are no shortcuts. There’s no way to become an idea generating machine overnight.

But the good news is, if you change your mindset and realize you CAN come up with good ideas, they’ll start coming. And as they come, you’ll get better and better at improving them. And as you do that, you’ll start to consistently have fantastic ideas.

The best entrepreneurs can rattle off 10 multi-million dollar business ideas in 10 minutes… and that’s just before breakfast!

So remember, it’s not about the ONE idea. All successful businesses take a string of fantastic ideas executed in sequence. Mark Zuckerberg didn’t think of Facebook in one great idea, and you’re not going to think of your Facebook in one either.

There is good news though. One, idea generation is something that ANYONE can master. And two, if you realize you can generate ideas, you’ll get good at it very quickly.

And soon, you’ll be able to rattle off 10 awesome ideas in 10 minutes.

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