People don’t buy products.

Yes, you heard that right – people don’t buy products.

We have this idea of consumer culture, people buying loads of stuff because they think it will make them happy. And this is true.

But what is happiness? Well… we could go on about that one. But for the sake of this article, we’re going to simply say, happiness is a feeling. It’s a sense you get when you feel fulfilled, satisfied, content, etc.

Now, physical objects are not feelings. But they can help synthesize feelings. And this is why people buy “stuff” – to get that feeling of happiness.

It won’t work long-term, but it’s great for a short burst of that happy feeling.

Therefore, realize that your product—whether it’s physical or an information product—is absolutely worthless without the feeling customers get when they buy it. Because at the end of the day, that’s all it comes down to. 

You make an app that makes someone more productive. They like that feeling of productivity, so they gain satisfaction from using your product.

Listen up: you’re not selling a productivity app – you’re selling THE FEELING OF SATISFACTION THAT COMES WITH PRODUCTIVITY.

This is CRUCIALLY important. And once you fully grasp what I’m saying here, you’ll change the way you market your product forever. Because when you sell an app from the angle of, IT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL SATISFACTION, it makes a world of difference!

Think of this…

“Our app will make you more productive.”

“This app will help you accomplish everything you want, every single day.”

The difference? The second evokes a feeling – accomplishment. This is a feeling your customers will like feeling, so this gives you a MUCH better chance of closing a sale. Because remember, people don’t care AT ALL about your product. They care about how they’ll feel when they use your product!

Let’s look at the greatest example of this: Apple.

Apple sells feelings, not products. Well… they do sell products (and damn good ones). But the reason why Apple is the most profitable company in the world is due to the feelings their customers have when they buy an Apple product.

I personally use a mac and I love it. I love the experience, as I type this, I’m viewing the word processing program I’m using. It’s sleek, clean, easy to navigate… it feels great.

And that’s why people buy Apple products – and lots of ‘em. It’s why people buy Apple products even though they could get a PC that does basically the same thing at a MUCH lower price. It’s because of the feeling they get from using it!

Apple doesn’t just sell products – Apple sells lifestyles. And that’s why they’re so successful. Because of the feelings, their products evoke in their customers!

Now, it’s up to the product to present the “face” of what the customer will feel. But it’s up to the marketing to decide what it is your product truly feels like! When looking at your products, identify how you want your customer to feel when they use it. Then figure out an angle that will present that feeling quickly and efficiently. 

We used to see this all the time with cigarette companies – they’d display advertisements of cowboys, mountaineers, sophisticated women, etc. Human beings at the top of their game.

Even though smoking is proven to be INCREDIBLY harmful to human beings, there are still millions of smokers. It’s because of the feeling people get when they smoke (and I’m not only talking about the nicotine!). 

So identify what your product does. Then figure out what feeling that functionality creates. Then figure out the right way to market your products based on that feeling and watch as your sales skyrocket. 

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