A white label SEO report is a professionally detailed report that once completed, can be rebranded and used by other companies. For instance, if you are an SEO specialist and have several clients, you are likely to be required to offer them reports for your hard work keeping them in the rankings, right? Of course, you are, no business owner is going to hand over their hard-earned marketing dollars unless you are proving results.

Creating a report for one or two clients manually can be simple enough, yet still time-consuming, so what happens when your business grows? What happens when you need 10 reports, 20, or even 100 by the end of the month?

If you plan on securing high-paying clients, then you better plan on supplying them with a high-quality, detailed, and professional report on the progress of your work….So, let’s get started!

Where Do You Start?

If you are already using the SEO ToolBox from SEOsitechckup, then just log on and select the ‘White Label SEO’ link on the left. If you are not already using the tool, sign up and get a free trial of all the tools for free.

Once you click the White Label SEO link, a page will be displayed asking you to name the template. You can name the template, so when you need another report for that particular website, or for that client, it is ready to go with a simple click of the mouse. You can add footer and header text in the sections available, and each time you run the White Label SEO report, that text will be included.

The boxes on the bottom right with checkmarks in them can be unchecked if you prefer not to have a description of each factor included in the report, or if you do not want to include a how-to-fix section for any factors that failed.

If you are creating a report for a client, it is probably wise not to include the ‘How to Fix’ suggestions in the report, after all, that is YOUR job!

You can upload a professional image or your business logo to customize the report with your own brand. Once you have the template named and specifics selected and filled in, it is time to move on to step 2.

On this page, name the report whatever you want in the top line. The next line is the General Analysis Saved Report box, and any reports you have previously saved will be listed in the drop-down box. The third line offers a drop-down box for you to select Desired Factors. These factors are the same ones that are available from the ToolBox dashboard for a full SEO report.  

You can select ‘All Factors’ or go through each one and uncheck the ones that are either not relevant for your report, or that you prefer not to display when working with specific clients. Once you have completed the details, just hit the ‘Preview White Label’ button on the bottom of the page.

The next page that comes up contains your professional and brand custom White Label SEO report. You can download the file as a zip or a PDF. 

Be patient….your PDF White Label SEO report is on its way…and better yet, one step closer to finding its way to your client!

Now, while you are waiting for the PDF to be securely placed on your hard drive, sit back and take a deep breath, you deserve it after all that hard work!

Now that you know how to create the report, let’s discuss some of the important benefits it offers and how it can help your business…

Easily Branded for Your Business

The White Label SEO report is easily branded for your own business. By including your own company logo you create a professional look that proves you are interested in the details. Each report can also be customized to the client, offering their business logo and information within the template of the report.

Instead of handing in a report that you had to do manually, or one that you used a variety of tools and then pieced together, why not use just one that already has the hard work completed for you?

Recognition of Your SEO Efforts and Progress

When you take on the role of a client’s SEO specialist, the most important factor in your position is to create positive results for that client’s business. Aside from actually generating more traffic, the schematics involved need to be displayed in a fashion the client not only understands, but that makes them understand what you are doing for their company.

Many clients have no idea what many of the on-page and off-page factors actually do, what they mean, or how they affect their businesses. This is why SEOsitecheckup offers a White Label SEO report that offers both the technicalities of each factor and a breakdown for better understanding.

Professional Reports for All of Your Clients in One Place

The SEOsitecheckup.com’s ToolBox offers a full SEO checkup for your own website(s), and that is all you need. But, if you are working with several clients, you need more reports, and running the general analysis on each and then compiling a customized report is time-consuming and tedious work. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can generate all the SEO reports that you need for your clients, and they all come wrapped up in a White Label report with your company brand or logo on the front.

Easily Send Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly Reports With Little Effort

In most cases, clients want to see work progress at least once a month. Clients who are implementing a new marketing campaign or strategy may require a weekly or bi-monthly report on the progress. This report is essential to both you and the client. It lets you know if you have any issues that need to be addressed, and even offers solutions on how to fix the problems found in the report.

Saves You Time So You Can Relax, or Take on More Clients

All of this work you could be doing trying to please your clients could be done for you, so you can focus on what really matters, the business.  With much less time sitting in front of the computer screen writing reports for your clients, you can take that time and put it towards coming up with new marketing campaigns, generating traffic through social media platforms, writing fresh content for their site, or working towards creating a more stable SEO-friendly web environment.

Quick Fix Options Just For You

Every report offers a brief summary of the factor, whether it passed or failed. This helps you understand the importance of certain factors, such as website title length, code-to-text ratios, and tags. When generating the ‘White Label’ report, you can opt to have these quick fixes included in the report or opt to have them left out entirely.

When a factor is tested and fails, the report creates a ‘what’s this’ box at the top of the factor for a better understanding and a quick fix box at the bottom of the factor which can help you resolve the issue. 

Once you have made the changes suggested in the report, you can run a new one to see your new and improved score.

Customizable to Meet Every Clients Need

Since the report is customizable, it fits well with any business requirements. A small report that simply shows common SEO issues or a full report that displays all factors can be created with a simple click of the mouse, all from one place.


A ‘White Label’ report is a great way to offer a fully detailed report to clients whom you handle their SEO needs. It can also be a great tool for website owners who want to learn how to create a more SEO-friendly website for higher rankings and an increased traffic level. However the tool is used, it is part of the SEOsitecheck ToolBox, and with a 30-day free trial period, there is no reason not to check it out.