We’ve hit on content marketing a lot lately, and, well… we’re going to hit on it again today.

Why? Because it is incredibly important! While virtually all other marketing and advertising techniques are going down the drain, content marketing continues to be the best way to skyrocket your online business to huge levels of success.

The social web has changed the world in a major way. No longer are mainstream media and news publications the leader in information. No, these publications take information already posted on the social web, and regurgitate it. The true power of the press is online, and it’s available to everyone – that means YOU.

With content marketing, you can tap into this massive ocean and reach the highest levels of success. It doesn’t matter what your niche is, it doesn’t matter what your product is (provided it’s valuable) – if you do content marketing right, you will gain customers.

In today’s article, we’ll be discussing the three pillars of content marketing. It’s my hope that this will help you truly visualize what content marketing IS, and why you should be focusing your marketing efforts towards it.

Pillar #1: Valuable Content

This is it, folks. If you don’t have valuable content, content marketing is a worthless strategy. Valuable content puts the “content” in “content marketing”. 

Why is valuable content so important? Simple. When you read something you like and gain value from, you share it on Facebook or other social media platforms. When you read something you don’t like and gain nothing from, you don’t.

So the first article (the valuable one) could reach millions of people. The second? Only a handful. Valuable content is literally the difference between 1 visit and 1,000,000, and it will make or break your business.

Every article you write, aim for it to be the absolute BEST article on that subject. Think about it… why write something that’s not the best? Why write the 32nd best article on “how to wash the dishes”? If you’re not capable of writing the best article on a subject, change subjects until you are.

Put most of your efforts into content creation, as that gets the whole process going, to begin with.

Take into consideration what YOU look for when you are online. Which articles captivate your attention, which ones are you most likely to share? The social media communities have taken over by storm and you know you are a part of it, but why? Once you understand exactly what it is that YOU are looking for, you will have a much easier time determining what YOUR audience is looking for.

Have you ever read an article and said to yourself “I could do that much better”, if so, then DO IT!

Google has come a long way with its standard level for content, and so have its readers. If you want to be followed, shared, or linked to, write something great!

If you are not a great writer, that is ok. You can hire a freelancer who can turn your ordinary content into something worth sharing. Find a writer that has a background or at least an interest in your area of business and spends a little time with them ensuring you are on the same page before you unleash them into your world. While it is good to create some conflict of opinions on some topics, it is not the ideal situation for many, so make sure you share your views with the writer.

Pillar #2: Your Presentation

Valuable content is important. And, when done correctly, it will get shared across the social web. But not if no one reads it! Presentation is a MAJOR part of content marketing. If you don’t have a good presentation (read, web/graphic design/layout/user experience), no one will read the content you’ve spent so much time creating.

And if no one reads your content, no one will share it. Too often, people work hard on creating valuable content but neglect the presentation aspect. As a result, their content marketing campaign never takes off. 

How do you find the right way to present your content? Look at what the leaders are doing. Copy those who are getting huge numbers of social shares. This way, when someone lands on your site, they’ll automatically associate your site as an authority.

Basically, make your content easy to read and easy on the eyes. Use bullet points when needed, headings and subheadings to easily draw attention to valuable parts of the article, and images that help the reader relate to what you are saying. When you share an article on how to make your dog love bathing, having a picture of a bubble bath is not nearly as effective as an image of a dog in a bubble bath right? Use common sense. 

Pillar #3: Social Media Shaping

Lastly, although great content has a habit of spreading like wildfire, sometimes it takes a kick or two to get it out of the gate. Social media has changed BIG TIME since 2010. Now, in 2015, it’s not so much about accumulating thousands of likes to your page (although that is definitely still important!) – It’s more so about working with people who already have these massive followings and getting them to promote your content.

This is an art in and of itself, but I’ll give you a tip – PROVIDE VALUE. No one will share your content for free. However, sharing a piece of great content doesn’t cost anything. And in many cases, it actually benefits the Facebook page owner to share your content. They get more interaction without having to actually create something.

So instead of demanding an influencer shares your content, offer them value. This can range from a free six-pack to a share of their content on your page. Be creative, and don’t take no for an answer!

Twitter comes in handy to build relationships with top influencers in your industry. You can reach out and connect with these users, and even though they may not be ready to share your content right away, by sharing theirs, you can become a relevant connection to them and have a little more leverage when you ask them to return the favor. But, again, they will not share your content if it is not valuable, no one will!

When you post your articles or links to your articles on social media sites, make sure they are prepped and ready for the platform. You want a short, but captivating intro to the article that makes the reader WANT to read more. If you create a powerful title and a catchy intro, chances are, the reader will click “read more” and head to your site.

Each social media platform uses different algorithms and techniques to display content, so read up on each to find the best way, and the best time to post your content to each platform. Use a call to action to get the reader to click on your site if the article is not enough.


As you can see, content marketing is actually extremely simple. But it’s a phenomenal way to market your business. If you have a solid grasp on the three pillars of content marketing, there’s no reason why your content can’t be spread to millions of people overnight. It happens all the time now. Follow the pillars, and you’ll be rewarded.

Don’t just sit back and wait for the readers to come to your content. Learn how to bring your content to them. If you need some help in this category, check out a social media marketer or social media manager to help bring your content to life. Having someone post your content at various times and keeping your posts relevant, informative and top-quality is a great way to take charge of your own destiny.

Spend some time on your audience’s social media pages and look at what they are sharing to get an idea of what you should be offering. You can also check out your competitors pages to see what they are offering. You can get a huge insight into your audience’s minds with a small amount of research. Look at what is trending on Twitter, what is new in YouTube and what is pinned by your Pintrest followers. Facebook is a portal to all the social media platforms, so take the time to watch your audience there closely as you venture out onto other platforms. 

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