When you do a search for SEO tools online, you end up with an overwhelming supply of businesses who offer promises of top rankings, increased traffic, and of course, more profits, just for using their software or services. The truth is, those promises are all empty, there is no SEO software that can put you at the top of Google’s rankings, at least not if you do not know how to use it!

Do You Understand SEO?

This is where many entrepreneurs go wrong, they believe that a great idea of theirs is enough to sustain their business, well, maybe in 1950, but not today! The online explosion of businesses led to affordable and easy marketing, which increased the competition to astronomical levels. So, now instead of placing a sign for your product on a busy street corner to sell, you are placing it online, and even though it is the busiest place in the world, without the right tactics, your product will NEVER be seen!

This is where SEO comes in, SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION is the new neon sign for your business, and that busy street corner is the search engine, so you HAVE to learn how and where to hang that sign if you want to be noticed.

Just because you hang your sign in the right place, it does not mean you are going to get noticed. Exhausted yet? Google and other search engines will let you hang your sign, so to speak, but unless you have it optimized correctly, they do not have to put it on the busiest street in their neighborhood, which is the first page, selectively, the first 5-10 results. 

So, How Do They Choose Who Gets the Prime Real Estate?

You have heard about all the algorithm updates, right? Well, those updates shake up the world of SEO every time they happen, so you have to try to keep up. The search engines want to know your site is relevant, useful, and popular among their searchers. Your work starts with creating a well-optimized page, one that offers fresh content that is SEO-friendly, useful information, an easy-to-navigate platform, and a professional look. Your next step is to ensure your page offers optimal loading times because if the page loads too slowly, people click out and make your page look irrelevant in the search engine's eyes. The final step is popularity, which involves creating backlinks from other well-ranked sites and getting attention from other platforms that prove the users like what you have to say or what you are offering. Sounds stressful right? Well, it is!

What do SEO Tools bring to the Game?

SEO tools turn that overwhelming world of managing your online business into an easy, well-functioning powerhouse…if you use them correctly!

SEO tools, offered from sites like SEOsitecheckup.com allow you to quickly get the big picture of how well, or how poorly your site is doing. You get instant access through a general analysis report that shows you common SEO issues, speed optimization rates, server, and security alerts, social media rankings, and even a quick view as to how your site holds up for mobile users.

You could spend hours trying to go through each section of your site on your own, checking backlinks, looking for dead links, making sure image tags and headings are all in check, or just a few seconds to get the answers all in one place.

A good software package works similar to the search engines, it looks in the background for any problems that could be affecting the function or the ranking of the entire site. Having the right SEO tools in place really helps to ensure you make the right decisions, and not to mention, it saves you a ton of time, and we all know time is money!

Of course, once you start using the SEO tools, you have to understand each section of the SEO report in order to actually benefit.  SEOsitecheckup offers helpful hints and tips for improving your site in each section of the SEO report that is offered, and you can learn how to read and understand the report here!

The SEOsitecheckup Toolbox dashboard provides a quick view of your site as well as access to all the available SEO tools. Learn about the important features of the dashboard here!

These tools are designed to help website owners comply with the guidelines set forth by the search engines, which is the only way to reach those top rankings.

How to Use SEO Tools

Most of the SEO tools that are offered are geared towards specific SEO topics, such as off-page optimization, on-page optimization, keywords, backlinks, security or speed. SEOsitecheckup provides a general overview of ALL the important areas regarding SEO. So, your first task is to find an SEO software or service that offers what you need, and stay away from any that make empty promises of fortune and fame…these tools are designed to help YOU create a top-ranking site, not create one for you!

Once you find the software you like, it is usually just a matter of entering your website URL and clicking enter to get the results. Your next step is to begin researching each area that was tested, starting with any you are having issues with, and learn to understand the importance of that area.

Some of the areas that are flagged or present a warning include a tip for improvement, making the research time minimal. The flagged area on this site below shows that the content ratio is too low and clearly states how to fix the problem…start writing!

Other Useful SEO Tools

In addition to the SEO tools that analyze your website, there are some other useful tools that are available online.

Wordstream Keyword Tool

Wordstream is a free keyword tool. If you are having trouble finding keywords for your business, you can have instant access to a limitless supply of suggestions.

Anchor Text Over-Optimization Tool

This tool allows you to quickly enter your domain to find out if any of your anchor texts have been overly used.

Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML – Word2Cleanhtml

When pasting content written in Word into an online system, oftentimes there are HTML tags that end up looking like gibberish. This can be a HUGE problem for website owners, especially since visitors will view the page as unprofessional and tacky. No one wants to read between the squiggly lines, so using this tool quickly removes them, so you can paste them directly into your online content creator.


There are millions of other websites just like yours, and on those websites, you will find millions of articles, blogs, blurbs, and reviews. One thing that Google and other search engines cannot stand is duplicated content, so how do you ensure what you have on your site is unique? Copyscape allows you to enter the content of any length and scan the Internet for content that matches. If the content comes up as less than unique, it will show you where it matches other content online. If it comes up clean, then you know it is safe to use on your website and can avoid any nasty penalties from the search engine gods.

Robots.txt Generator

Every website needs a robots.txt file, and this software creates one for you. A robots.txt file is a simple file that is located in the home directory. The file blocks spam-bots that scan your page for email addresses or other personal information and it informs the search engines of what pages, files, or other data on your site is off-limits to their spiders.

Robots.txt Checker

Once you have created the robots.txt file, use the checker to validate the format.


Using SEO tools can benefit you by reducing the time you spend on optimization, increase your profits by pushing you up the rankings, and reduce the cost of marketing campaigns that get you nowhere. YES, you have to roll up your sleeves and do some work, but having the right software on your side makes the job not only easier but more productive.

Working on your website is a full-time job; there is no stopping once it is optimized perfectly. The search engines update their algorithms all the time; backlinks expire, go sour or go dead, basically, things change, so make sure you have SEO tools in place that stay up to date with not only your changes but also the changes surrounding the world of SEO.