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SEO News & Changes

The world of SEO is constantly evolving and changing. If you do not keep a track of all the changes and trends, you cannot leverage new SEO techniques to improve your site's position. We regularly publish SEO news and posts here.

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Google Updates, Google Local and Customer Feedback

This is the third update to Penguin. And, like Google’s said before, Penguin isn’t meant to be the full-time algorithm – that’s Panda’s job. Penguin is meant to keep SEO’s on the straight and narrow.

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Google's Exact Match Domain Update

Google’s done it again – released an algorithm that throws a massive wrench in the SEO gears, and has shaken the hornets nest that is online business owners.

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Google vs. Apple – One Map to Rule Them All?

Google, well known for it’s HUGE amount of free and easy-to-use tools, and Apple, known for their innovation and impact on 21st century living, are butting heads on one issue: maps.

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“Pirate” Update Incoming?

Ever since the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) was prevented, piracy has been in the spotlight, big time. Actually, it’s been in the spotlight since years before SOPA. But with SOPA, it became a household issue.

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How the Olympics Can Make your Business

The Olympics are advertiser heaven. Much like the Super Bowl, advertisers compete to have the funniest and most persuasive ads during commercial break. And for most people, that’s where they think the value is for businesses in these types of events: the advertisers. If you don’t have the budget to make an ad for the Olympics, you’re probably not going to get a lot of exposure.

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The Fall of SEO, the Rise of the Presentation

Time for a pat on the back. Here at SEOSiteCheckUp.com, we’ve written about potential Panda changes before Panda was released. And, for an entire year, we wrote about future Google changes leading right up to the release of Penguin. No, we’re not psychics. We just understand the importance of value, and understand Google does too. In this way, anyone can be an SEO psychic. Although it’s easy to forget, the laws of business are still the same – without the customer, there is no business.

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Is Google Responding to Bing?

Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about the Google vs. Bing competition. Bing, the massive underdog, has definitely been stepping up their game. And it’s been showing. Recently, they reported a 5% increase in search users from Google. A huge deal, considering where Bing started from. But now Bing has another victory under their belt: user satisfaction.

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Did Penguin Open the Door to Aggressive SEO Attacks?

Since Google routinely penalizes poor or “black hat” link building practices, how hard would it be for a competitor to get your own site penalized? In theory, all they’d have to do is spam your site with hundreds (or thousands) of low-quality, spam links. Then the Google bots would visit your site, see you’ve been using “manipulative link building practices” and penalize your website.

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Disavowing Links – Bing Steps Up Again

Bing's at it again, giving SEO's tools we've been requesting for years.

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New Panda Update and the Bing vs. Google Battle

We’re at Panda 3.8, now. On June 25th, Google released a new update to Panda, which affects approximately 1% of search results. This isn’t a major update – more of a refresh. But check your traffic stats regardless. If you’ve seen a drop or increase since the 25th, realize it was likely as a result of Panda 3.8. And since this update was more of a refresh, it’s more reinforcement of Panda standards.

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