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SEO News & Changes - Advanced Level

The world of SEO is constantly evolving and changing. If you do not keep a track of all the changes and trends, you cannot leverage new SEO techniques to improve your site's position. We regularly publish SEO news and posts here.

2015: The Year the Blog Networks Died

Many people thought blogging was dead after the Panda 3.4 update. The truth about blog networks that were de-indexed has nothing to do with blogging, but everything to do with good SEO. 

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Panda 4.1: Is your Traffic Up or Down?

Google's Panda updates have cleaned up the low-quality website, so where does that leave you? If you are working at the standard required, that could mean you are now on top. 

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Did Penguin Open the Door to Aggressive SEO Attacks?

Since Google routinely penalizes poor or “black hat” link building practices, how hard would it be for a competitor to get your own site penalized? In theory, all they’d have to do is spam your site with hundreds (or thousands) of low-quality, spam links. Then the Google bots would visit your site, see you’ve been using “manipulative link building practices” and penalize your website.

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Disavowing Links – Bing Steps Up Again

Bing's at it again, giving SEO's tools we've been requesting for years.

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Panda: A Week in Review

With week in review, we’ll be discussing what’s been happening throughout the internet marketing world, with the main focus on SEO and Google’s updates. If you’re able to understand what Google’s doing on a week-by-week basis, you can make changes alongside Google’s algorithm.

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Notable 3.4 Algorithm Changes

By now, most SEO’s know about Panda 3.4. It’s announcing the beginning of the end for “tried and tested” SEO techniques (as if Panda 1.0 didn't already do that). The days of distributing a spun article to 1,000 blogs in a blog network are over.

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What Will Facebook's New Search Patent Mean for the Future of SEO?

It's common knowledge now that Facebook has been exploding in popularity. For many years, this growth had no impact on search engines companies like Google. However, a recent development might have placed Facebook directly in Google's face when it comes to competition for the opportunity to provide users with a quality search experience

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Understanding the Google Patent: Part II - SEO Strategies Made Simple

Learn additional concepts found within Google's search algorith patent that can help you refine your SEO strategy.

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Understanding the Google Patent: Part I - SEO Strategies Made Simple

Learn how specific parts of Google's search algorithm patent can help you improve your SEO strategy.

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