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SEO Mistakes - Intermediate Level

Have you successfully avoided beginner SEO mistakes but now worried about making those that you never saw coming? Read all about those in this intermediate SEO mistakes subcategory.

Are You Making Any of These SEO Mistakes?

In a world ruled by technology, businesses live or die by SEO. Search engine optimization is crucial for a business to survive online because, without it, you won’t reach your target audience and therefor won’t make any sales. Though search engine optimization is fairly simple, there is a right and a wrong way to do it. Keep reading to learn about the top 10 SEO mistakes so you can be sure to avoid them yourself.

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5 SEO Mistakes That Expert Webmasters Avoid and How They Handle Failure

Learn about 5 SEO mistakes that expert webmasters know to avoid, and how you can ensure that you avoid them also. Also learn how to get through failure if it sneaks up on you.

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How Competitors Can Hurt Your Rankings, and How You Can Stop Them

Obtaining good rankings, only to have them destroyed by a competitor is a webmasters worst nightmare. Learn how to spot back hat tactics, as well as how to prevent them from hurting your PageRank. 

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5 SEO Myths You Should No Longer Follow In 2015

Are you still following the old and obsolete SEO rules? You shouldn't. SEO has changed. Here are the 5 SEO myths you should no longer follow.

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Digg: A Lesson in User Experience

You’ve probably all seen the headlines – Digg sells for an unbelievable $500,000! It’s a classic rags-to-riches-to-rags story. Digg was “web 2.0,” the period of time right before the new “social web” (what we have now). And in many ways, the social web was made possible because of Digg and other social media websites.

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Cutting Down on Over Optimization

Veteran SEO’s know how to handle the plateaus and downward spikes. Beginners and intermediates, on the other hand, can panic and do what’s called “over optimization.” Here’s what happens:

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