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7 Things To Focus On Your SEO Audit

Jason Roy

A good SEO audit helps you identify the potential problems that your website may have. More importantly, it helps you identify the reasons why your website may not be performing in search engines as well as it should.

As search engines continue to evolve, some SEO professionals are paying less and less attention to these meta tags. However, don’t forget that search engines still value keywords a lot — despite what they may claim.

When you are auditing your website for SEO, make sure to check the meta tags, i.e., title tags and meta descriptions.

Use our free Meta Tags Analyzer to check how your page might appear in Google search results.

2. Heading Tags

Heading tags add context for search engines and help them understand what a page’s content is about. Moreover, having important keywords in these heading tags (H1, H2, etc.) is also a very good SEO practice.

to check if your website is missing any of these important heading tags.

3. Sitemap

If your website does not have a sitemap, search engine crawlers will not be able to properly crawl and index your website. It then directly affects your website’s visibility and rankings in search engines.

to check if the website has a sitemap. For more detailed instructions, read how to create a sitemap for your websitesitemap.pngSearch engines are now putting a lot more focus on a good user-experience. Broken links or dead webpages ruin that experience for your website visitors. Therefore, a website that has too many broken links will invariably have a lower search engine rankings.

Links can be of two types: internal links (which lead to other pages of your own website) and external links (that lead to other websites on the internet). Make sure to fix both internal and external dead links.

to check if your website has any internal or external dead links that should be fixed.

5. Image Alt Text

First, understand that search engines can only read text. They cannot understand images and any text in an image form. This is why it is important to have proper alt text attributes for each image that you use on your website.

if you use the right keywords.

You can easily identify images with missing alt text attributes with our free image alt text toolimage alt text.jpgThe loading speed of websites has become an extremely important search engine ranking factor. It is a relatively newer SEO factor, but it has already gained a lot of importance from Google.

Use our free site loading speed test toolHere is a more detailed post on how to improve the loading speed of your website By the way, the loading speed of your website not only affects its search engine rankings but it also directly affects the overall conversion rate. Studies suggest that a faster loading speed is likely to have a much better conversion rate than a slow-loading website.

7. HTTPs

Google has officially confirmed that — assuming other factors are more or less the same — they will rank an HTTPs webpage higher than its HTTP version Use our HTTPs test toolAuditing your website’s SEO is important for many reasons.

While there are so many things that you should ideally do in an SEO audit, the above-mentioned 7 things are some of the most important ones that you should focus on.


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