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SPF Records Test

What is it?

Check if your DNS records contains an SPF record. SPF (Sender Policy Framework) records allow email systems to verify if a given mail server has been authorized to send mail on behalf of your domain. Creating an SPF record increases email delivery rates by reducing the likelihood of your email being marked as spam.

Pass rate:

  • Top 100 websites: 95%
  • All websites: 68%
Pass rates of Top 100 US websites











How do I fix it ?

An SPF record is a type of Domain Name Service (DNS) record that allows email systems to check if the sender of a message comes from a legitimate source and refuse an email if the source is not legitimate. Adding an SPF record is as easy as adding CNAME, MX or A records in your DNS zone. You can find more information here.

Before creating the SPF record for your domain, it is important to have access at your domain's DNS zone and to know what mail servers your domain is likely to use and plan how you want any non-authorized email to be handled.


Let's say that you are planning to send emails using Google Apps and you also want to ensure that no other mail servers are authorized. You can use an SPF record like this:

v=spf1 -all

"v=spf1" - This sets the SPF version

"" - This includes Google mail servers in your list of authorized sending servers

"-all" - This means that any server not previously listed is not authorized

If you are using your own VPS to send email and not any other service like Mandrill, Google Apps, etc. then you can create an SPF record like this:

v=spf1 mx -all


Setting an SPF record for your domain can help in reducing the chances of a spammer using your domain name in unsolicited emails. Research carefully what mail servers your domain is likely to use and plan how you want any non-authorised email to be handled.

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