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Custom 404 Error Page Test

What is it?

This SEO test will check if your website is using a custom 404 error page. By creating a custom 404 error page, you can improve your website's user experience by letting users know that only a specific page is missing/broken (and not your entire site), providing them helpful links, the opportunity to report bugs, and potentially track the source of broken links in your site.

Pass rate:

  • Top 100 websites: 67%
  • All websites: 63%
Pass rates of Top 100 US websites











How do I fix it ?

Creating a custom 404 error page can be relatively simple or more complicated, depending on what technologies were used to build your website (your web server, framework used, etc). Learn more about the basics of creating a custom 404 error page.

On your custom error page, you should provide relevant information to keep the user's attention so they remain on your website. Some steps to achieve this goal include:

  • Adding links to your most important pages (your best articles articles/content, latest posts, etc.)
  • If you have an e-commerce business, you can display special offers, product recommendations, discounts, etc.
  • Include a search box or a sitemap link to help users find the information they wanted.
  • Use simple language (non-technical) to explain what went wrong.
  • Add a contact form or provide an email address to allow users to get in touch with you for further help.

You can also use your custom 404 error page to track the source of broken links in your site.

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