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Security and Protection for Your Website

Website security is not only for your own protection, but for your consumers. Make sure they feel safe when they visit your website and avoid any negativity that the search engines view as vulnerabilities and risks.

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Security and Protection for Your Website

The Internet has long been a source of breeched information. Everyday there are new programs, new techniques, and new tricks to get user’s information. Sometimes this information is used in a harmless way, such as to gather behavioral habits, find out what people are searching for and how, or to simply blast them with ads that the hacker feels might interest them. But, sometimes, the use of information goes much further than just harmless or at the very least, annoying marketing tactics, such as, identity theft, stolen financial information, or it can be used to destroy sensitive files and materials from a user’s computer.

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How to Protect Your Website From Hackers, Cyberthugs and Algorithm Changes

In a perfect world, you'd be able to mind your own business and cheerfully run a successful online business without being harassed by "cyberthugs." However, until that perfect world comes, you'll need to slap great big KEEP OUT sign on your website. This means creating security settings which will disallow access to sensitive data and controls.By choosing to use SEO as a main marketing technique, we give up a portion of our control to a third party. That third party is Google. This is a mutually beneficial agreement, so the trade of control is usually worth it. Google has a new website which will hopefully provide the answer to their user's search queries and we internet marketers get targeted traffic.

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